Problems with 5.7 download(Got a Trojan Virus)

I loaded up Quest and saw that there was an update. So, I followed the applications link to get the update. I got directed to an XSS error, basically, I use the NoScript add-on for Firefox, so I can block any scripts that might cause problems like slow downs, or well scripts that might bring viruses along with them.
I decided to give this site a pass, thinking you couldn't possibly have anything bad attached to your downloads, so I disabled NoScript(because it never lets me bypass it when it blocks XSS problems).
So I downloaded the Quest update after that just fine. But, right after installed it, Windows Defender immediately reacted and said I had the virus Trojan:Win32/Rundas.B.

Of course, I don't know exactly if the virus came from the Quest download, but considering Windows Defender pop-up the detection message right as soon as I finished the install, I thought I'd let you all know, so you all could check the download file for Quest you guys put up on this site. Finally, I'll add that this was the first and only site I visited today, so thought it could have come from here.

I've gotten viruses from here and other non-professional 'Russian' websites. According to my dad... well, he's right.
My home computer sucked, but that's another story.

I download the update via Chrome the other day and no complaints from my virus scanner. I just rescanned the entire directory I have for Quest with both Windows Defender & IOBit malware and neither reported any problems.

You could try re-downloading it via a different browser to see what happens as I was trying to get a file from someone recently via DropBox via Chrome and I was getting malware detection messages from WinDefender, but but when I used IE11 all was OK. Even Defender said so.

I think there is too much big brother these days as they are trying to "help" us surf safely.

I have the latest 5.7 from this site on three machines, and all my files are reported to be free and clear.

I just tried to download (getting a warning from Firefox, great...), and the downloaded file is exactly the same as the one I uploaded, so I can confirm it has not been compromised. I used Sophos to scan the .exe, the installed game and the Visual Studio project, and it found nothing.

I think we are as sure as we can be that it is safe.

If you are wondering, right click the download, and check the number of bytes (size) is 31 248 991.

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