Type of game

From yesterday you can now see the type of game on the image itself without having to enter inside it for it.

This has been requested by several users and even include in filter by this type of game, although the latter will still have to wait a while.

With this it is easier and faster to see which games are, for example, Squiffy or Inform.

We hope you like it.

That's most welcome -- yet another way to filter games and get a feel for which authoring tools are popular. Looking nice, too.

I second that. Both changes are nice, but I really like the 'program used' feature to identify games. Thanks!

First thing I noticed when I dropped back by the site. Love it, thanks!

And it's so nice seeing the front page with primarily Quest games. For a long time there it seemed they were a rarity being drowned out by games from other sites and systems.

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