The forum - David W

I don't post much here these days and I haven't tried to use Quest in a long, long time so my opinions might not count for a whole lot, but I thought it was worth asking this anyway:

When is this eyesore of a forum going to be fixed?

By which I mean, when are we going to get the old forum back and have this one consigned to the deepest pits of Hell where it belongs? Reception to the new forum has been universally negative, this place is a ghost town compared to the old forum and it looks bad. So, so bad. It's like someone took a look at a standard forum and thought "how can I make this unappealing and drive away users?" and this was what he came up with. Does anyone actually like it? Does anyone think it's an improvement over the old forum?

So please, please, before Quest disappears into obscurity, can we have the old forum back?

The idea was to make forum profiles and website profiles one and the same so I doubt the old forum is coming back.

It would be nice to have private messages and post history implemented though.

So, cripple one to make it match the other? Easier than the other way around, I guess, but there was zero benefit to anyone with this and it hurt the community bad.

David, can all the Quest people come talk about their games on the ADRIFT forum?

Or maybe we can have a civil war, now that God put all the active writers on one site and the infrastructure needed for them to communicate on the other...

We could decamp to intfiction. Unfortunately I appear to have a gift for upsetting everyone there. I even got accused via pm of being someone else; presumably some nefarious character of low moral fibre.
Paranoia much? Lol

I am hoping it will get improved too; it is not a part that I am involved in. Given this is a transition period, I would imagine it could take a while to implement changes like that.

Intfiction people and most of the mainstream community are Very Sensitive these days, if you've tried having conversations with them you're braver than I am.

They're obsessed with privilege theory which tends to happen to wealthy college kids who haven't read Marx.

Who's in charge of the forum these days? (I honestly have no idea because the forum doesn't have any kind of member list, moderator list, etc.) It'd be interesting to see them weigh in with their views on this and what chance there is of something being fixed before everyone abandons Quest and heads elsewhere. Fixing the mess that's been made of the forum should be their number one priority as a forum like this attracts no one.

I'm assuming the old forum still exists somewhere and hasn't simply been deleted. If so, then why not simply re-active it and abandon this one altogether? Would anyone actually miss this forum? Alex seemed to be the only one who liked it and he's gone now. Separate logins for the main site and forum might not be ideal but the community managed just fine without them for a decade and I doubt anyone would have any real problem with going back to that now.

If it is that we're stuck with this forum, at the very least improve it to the degree where it's as good as the old forum. In short: member lists, post counts, some visual eye candy (all this white space is just bland and boring), private messages, member profiles, shortcuts to new posts and unread posts, a list of who's online, etc, etc. A new forum should be an improvement on an old forum, not a step backwards in every way imaginable. Alex might not have seen the benefit of things like that, but surely whoever's running things now can't feel the same way?

David, can all the Quest people come talk about their games on the ADRIFT forum?

Unfortunately, the ADRIFT forum is about as lifeless as this one these days. But hey, it looks a hell of a lot better.

As for Intfiction, you can try posting there if you like but you probably won't find it a very easy community to get on with. Sooner or later, you'll likely fall foul of their ridiculous Codes of Conduct (which I recommend everyone read when they're in the mood for a laugh) by making some harmless comment that offended no one but which is Still A Problem because there's a possibility that someone Might Be Offended by it.

Edit: oh, and add another one to the list of things that needed fixing on this forum: post quoting. Dear god, at least give us a proper way of quoting posts.

No offense, David, but I LIKE this forum. I"m very tired of the forums full of bells, whistles, and unnecessary code. I like the plain text, and the easy of use. I would hate for this forum to be turned into a phpbb forum or something else like that. Do you honestly need all those stats you asked for? What are you going to do with them, realistically?

We're here to discuss Quest and Quest related stuff, not socialize.

my guess at what was going on, for why the forum was changed over to this:

  1. the previous web sites/hosting-sites for quest (forum site, the main game hosting/downloading site, quest document site, briefly: 'ifanswers' site, and whatever other sites there might have been used behind the scenes/for networking-admins stuff), used outdated/old web programming language(s), and so it was time for quest to use current/modern web programming language(s).

  2. Alex was moving on from quest work (having been developing/working on quest for a long time), and also having to pay for multiple sites/hosting-sites, was too expensive and/or a hassle, so he had them all be on one site/hosting-site, as at this point, he probably hadn't yet decided to move on from quest, but now he has, and thus he's not implemented any features for this new site/hosting-site being used, leaving us with what we got now. Also, he probably wanted a simple site, so not have to deal with all of the features that we've had previously from a mod/administration/website/forum/network-admin level too, even before he ultimately then decided to move on from quest.

hopefully the new team, once everything has settled down, will eventually get around to improving the site and etc quest related stuff, and maybe ultimately (we can hope), if possible/able (for the new team) to create/complete the JS QuestKit project that Alex had started.

my guess at what was going on, for why the forum was changed over to this:

I've seen some threads started here discussing the new forum style and there are quite a few guesses and thoughts on why it had to happen. So I did a quick search to get the correct info on this.
In Jun 2016, Alex posted this which gives his views on why it was done.

Personally, I don't have a problem with it, as I don't post very often. I don't see the importance of how many posts a person may have. (A high number does not necessarily mean an experienced user who should be listened to as a lot of posters just add noise to the posts) PMs have their place but the users here seem to have overcome this. (Just need to be mindful of the email harvesters and obfuscate your email address in such a way that it can be understood by humans only. eg. my dot name at somewhere dot org)

However, at the risk of being shot down with words, I find that David W's comments should be taken with a grain of salt as all his posts here and on other fora are mostly negative and attempting to put others down. David, perhaps you could put some of the wasted energy to good use by making a few positive and uplifting comments that will encourage others rather than constantly whinging about how things are not to your liking. Just like life, changes happen - use them or leave them. None of us likes change, but it is how we deal with the change that either makes us or breaks us.

In Aus, we have a term for it - A whinging Pom and that is what you come across as whether you like it or not. Grow up and help others for a change. You may be surprised that it will actually help you.

A whinging pom? Nice one. I like that. But as I'm sure you've noticed I'm hardly the only one with a negative opinion of the new forum. Are we all whinging poms? Or is it simply that the new forum is a whole lot worse than the old one?

In the scheme of things, the forum changes affect me a lot less than most people here as I don't use Quest and I haven't played any Quest games in years, but the majority of people seem to view the changes as a bad thing. In this day and age, there's absolutely no reason why a forum has to be as bad as this.

Being able to search posting history by username/topic is a no brainier. Otherwise you get questions repeated incessantly.

I don't get the logic of threads autoclosing either. Quite often additional information emerges that makes sense to place in the context of an earlier discussion.

Personally, I don't like this forum as much as the one we had before even though this one is a lot more simple in terms of structure and signing in. Perhaps there is a compromise, a forum that has all the benefits of the old forum, for example, PMs, Quote, Spoiler, Adult HTML, etc and some of the new stuff, Markdown Language. Someone would probably do well to shoot Luis an email with this message as a link and a request to change the forums. I don't think complaining will get us anywhere.


I am reading what you indicate as forum improvements and those that we see viable will be taken into account when we can take the time to implement improvements in the forum. If I can tell you that we will keep the current forum, although we will provide some improvements. We are not going to put a phpbb forum mainly because such forums on hacking and spamming very often given that they are open source.

This forum seems to me very well, another thing is that it needs improvements, that it needs them, but that will arrive with the time.

Now for now, you can propose that everything will be read and heard for when it comes time to value it.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Thanks, manowar. Just to reiterate what I've heard. PMs and history/post search would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Thank you manowar.

The only improvements I'd vote yes on would be the ability to search on keywords in forums/posts and the ability to send private messages. But the second really isn't necessary, that's kinda what email is for.

@R2T1 A whining pom? I'm not even sure if those are real words but I guess that's what you consider me too? For desiring the return of the basic functionality that exists on every forum and community I've ever heard of or ever been a part of, writing or otherwise? Sure, okay.

Post histories, quoting, things like seeing when a user was last online are all important. And without spoiler bars it's really difficult to discuss a specific game at all. But for me it's the loss of PMs that took the changes from frustrating to complete dealbreakers for continued use of the site.

Even the PM system we used to have left a lot to be desired because lots of authors (the majority, really) didn't have forum accounts, meaning it was extremely hit or miss trying to actually communicate with them in detail about their game. I'd have to suggest in the comments of the most recent game in their profile that they come here and make an account, and just hope that they actually saw it in a timely manner and were also willing to take the extra step here to do it.

So I'd have been the first one cheering for the idea of combining the message boards and main site, but, disabling PMs altogether was such a baffling and self defeating way to go about it. I still don't understand the reasoning and I'd give anything for even just a normal forum stapled back to the site, now.

I used to give feedback and assistance to new authors pretty regularly and try to keep in contact with people like Xan and OurJud about their WIPs, and all that's just gone now. And I know I'm not the only one suffering from this because I've seen people so desperate to be able to discuss games they're flat out exchanging email addresses in the threads and opening themselves up to random spammers and scammers and who knows what.

Losing absolutely all of my collected thread links and code snippets was a major setback too, especially now that I'm so rusty and trying to relearn a lot of things I've forgotten. And it's not like I I can even do something as simple as browse through Pixie's post history to try and replace some of it.

I'm getting back into writing in a major way now, but I've lost so much enthusiasm and motivation for ever writing a Quest game specifically it's hard to believe. A community can't survive too long without...well, a community. It's already noticeably slower around this place. I want to talk to human beings one on one about the things we're creating, and be there for people I connect with to do proofreading, beta testing etc. when needed. All the things that got me excited about participating in sites like this in the first place.

So obviously, I was very glad to see manowar's post and I hope something comes of that. I'd hope that a private messaging system would be recognized as important in any I said, I still can't think of any without one.

Because I mean, failing that, my other suggestion would be just taking the entire community back to UseNet, lol.

...thinking about it, the frustration's still there but that's at least one thing that makes this whole thing funny too. Mainstream IF spent forever in the stone age there before they finally crawled out onto the rest of the internet, and what was stripping out all reasons to have a message board over something like RAIF in the first place anything but deliberately uninventing the wheel? In TYOOL 2016, even. How quaint and IFish. :D

Anyhow, that's my rant. Marzipan, whining pom, signing off. (Still Mizal at if anyone wants to like, have an old fashioned conversation about an IF game, and happy to volunteer for proofreading.)

Crystalwizard, in most cases it's preferred to keep discussion of things involving a specific community, within that community. If the answer to the PM issue is just 'take it to email', then except for the extremely desperate and dedicated, I'm not sure how many people would be willing to go through the trouble. I'd have to create a separate one just for Quest, and at that point it's much easier and more convenient for any active members just start using another, different forum. (Which is a possibility even now, but if the mods start actively encouraging it by telling members to go talk elsewhere, that leaves very little reason to even check this one.)

Are you a part of any other forum that expects everyone to just exchange emails rather than using PMs? I'm honestly curious now.

Manowar: it's a good sign that you're willing to listen to people and improve the forum, but part of me wonders just how long all of this is going to take to implement. Considering the sheer volume of issues that need sorting, it's going to be a year at the very least before everything is done, and in the meantime this is the forum we're stuck with. Bland, boring, dead. It's the kind of stagnant and lifeless forum that gives the impression Quest is well and truly finished. If you're used to the kind of functionality every other forum has (and which the old forum had), you're going to find this place seriously lacking.

So why not simply reactivate the old forum and allow people to continue posting there while working on this one in the background? Then in a few years when this place has improved enough, then move everyone over here again. Or, alternatively, just save yourself a whole lot of time and hassle and give people what they want now: the old forum back.

Crystalwizard: private messages and e-mail are definitely not the same thing. You start posting your e-mail address on a forum, you're opening yourself up to all manner of spamming. Aside from anything, even if people do start posting their e-mail addresses on the forum so they can be contacted, how is everyone going to find these e-mail addresses with the search facility on the forum so basic? With PMs, you can simply click on their username and send them a message.

And yes, people, I whinge. A lot. But if I didn't, Manowar might think people were happy with the new forum when clearly they're not and things would never improve. You can all thank me later when we have a proper forum again and not the mess we have right now.

And yes, people, I whinge. A lot. But if I didn't, Manowar might think people were happy with the new forum when clearly they're not and things would never improve. You can all thank me later when we have a proper forum again and not the mess we have right now.

That presupposes Manowar was not already familiar with the issues. It has been brought up before (but as there is no decent search facility, you would not know that...).

I would be interested to see posting stats for before the change and, say, the last six months. I have not noticed any drop, and I do check pretty much every day. I fully agree it could be a lot better, but I really do not see how the forum as it is today will put people off posting; quite the contrary, the fact that they have already signed up to create actually lowers the barrier to getting involved. You think it is bland, but I think it stands out more than, for example, IntFiction.

The successful transition from Alex to the new team will take some time. It is probably safer to avoid substantial changes for the moment until the team feel confident that they are in control of what currently exists. The main priority at the moment is to just keep the wheels turning.

This discussion, however, suggests that it would be useful to build up a list of possible changes and debate their priority and design before starting any major implementation.

I was debating whether to go into full rant mode with ~emotions~ or not last night but I'm glad I did, if there was any question that people are missing the old forum.

These same complaints have come up in other threads. I saw OurJud dropped in a little while back trying to find people the same way I did and was frustrated with many of the same issues. (I would have seen and clicked it immediately had the thread had the author's name on it, but alas, it was adrift in a faceless sea...) I still have no idea when the last time he actually logged in was and have no way to contact him. If he or any other old users return I'll also never have a way to know, unless I'm actively clicking on every single thread reading every single post.

So put this down as a strong vote for for, yes, I would like a forum that behaves like a forum, and feel that a forum is essential to any forum-based community. I'm glad David made this thread in this section here where it's receiving attention and less likely to get lost.

Also, 100% support for the suggestion of popping up a normal phpbb board until there's a chance to get around to addressing issues with this one.

A 'pom' is a derogatory name Australians use for British people.

Anyway isn't it the done thing to set up a Facebook group to bitch about forums? XD

I know it fell apart when I tried before, but when this forum popped up, I tried to gather attention to a open gaming chat channel. I used Discord. There you could click on any user that had dropped in and PM them. Or, you could post publicly to the general part of the chat for anyone to see and they, in turn and if necessary, could PM you a response or publicly post a response. Unfortunately, very few stopped by for a visit so I did not continue to monitor it. I guess if PERSONAL contact were so important, this could be used as a band-aid until this forum changes.

I do like this forum WAY more than intfiction and infinitely more than (if you call that a forum). Bottom line, again... and again... is that the consensus (I believe) is a forum that has PM capabilities and a post/history search. And, again... you can search your old posts (sort of) by using the sites google search box and typing in your name (or other users name).

I should stop continuing to beat the dead horse I suppose.

IFDB isn't a forum full stop. It's a database of IF games, a bit like the IF Archive.

I haven't noticed a decline---matter of fact, I see more and more new people everyday (I also check daily). With that said though, I do like how this forum looks as it's very simple and it stands out like Pixie said, but we definitely need a PM, and an improved Search feature for starters.

We appreciate the response too Manowar!


It will take a little patience. I have taken note of it and will implement it as soon as possible.

As already commented the forum phpbb is not going to put online because as I say keep a forum phpbb is a work in itself by the amount of spam and hacking that suffers from being open source. Currently I do not see the need to spend all that time of maintenance that takes when that time can be dedicated to further expanding functionality of the web itself.

With the forum that we already have as a base, we will have to work on it, without hurry but without pauses.

I hope to be giving more news about it in the coming weeks. Until then the suggestions will be read to be taken into account.

not only that, phpbb is touchy, and a pain in the rear from the admin side. I'm still, 8 months after putting one online, trying to get it to save user accounts when people log in instead of deleting them soon as they log off!

Nobody's saying it has to be phpbb, but surely there's a better alternative to the forum as it is right now? Something a little less bland? Something with PMs, member lists, member profiles, old forum posts, etc, etc.

In what way is this forum actually an improvement over the old one? That's the thing I just don't get with this change. There was a perfectly decent forum already in place, one which worked fine and didn't lack in features, one which people were happy with. Why change it at all?

Something a little less bland

there is nothing wrong with bland. Manowar said he's working on upgrades. But hopefully that won't wind up being something that bogs this forum down with java or other scripting. This forum works real well as it is. It's fast, it's not packed with laggy scripting and animated banners. It's not flashy and full of images that take forever to load. it's useful, it's a good, solid way for people to discuss exactly what they're discussing and is working quite well.

What features, David, are you really missing other than PMs, a way to search posts for keywords, and possibly a way to see what posts you've made in the past? And why, exactly, do you need a member list? Or a member profile that's different than what this forum already has?

Did I imagine it or did you just type "there is nothing wrong with bland"? I mean, I can see it right there so I guess you did, but... but words fail me... "Nothing wrong with bland". If we had signatures on this forum, I'd put that in there to give me something to smile about every time I post something.

Then again, you're the person who said that PMs and e-mail were the same thing, aren't you? If this forum had a proper post history - like pretty much every other forum on the internet - I'd go through your post history and see if I could find any other little gems like that.

You ask why we need member lists. Answer: to see who's who on the forum. You can get a real feel for a forum by seeing who's been around the longest, who posts the most, who's the most knowledgeable, etc, etc. If someone is good on the technical side of things, you can search their posts for things they've done in the past. This stuff is gold. The same goes for member profiles.

Technically, a forum doesn't need anything aside from the ability to type stuff on the screen and let others read it, but who realistically want a forum like that? No matter what you think, there's a whole world of things wrong with bland. Now, if it was just me kicking up a fuss over the changes, you might have a point. But it's not just me. In fact, considering the number of complaints I've seen about the new forum since it went live, I'd hazard a guess that the people who like it - like you - are in the minority. Hey, maybe we should run a poll on the forum to see who's in favour...

Ah, but we don't have polls on the new forum, do we?

I don't really notice the blandness as I mostly browse with my phone so I'm not looking at (I presume) an ocean of whiteness.

Dead horse. Beat it.

We've been told it's being worked on with the common suggestions being taken into account. Patience. :)

you're the person who said that PMs and e-mail

No sir, I am not. I am, however, a senior AIX administrator, an experienced programmer, and have been online since what we call the Internet was AARPAnet. I've run several different versions of BBS code, I've programmed and administrated several different MUDS, and I resent your tone of voice.

Well, I'm not a senior AIX administrator (whatever that is), nor an experienced programmer and I haven't been online since the internet was "AARPAnet" (though on the plus side I can spell ARPAnet). I've never run several different versions of BBS code and wouldn't want to, I've never programmed or administered MUDs and I find your tone of voice quite funny, particularly as I've never even heard you speak.

I do, however, know a really shitty looking forum when I see one.

let's look at this topic from a practical matter:

This is the site currently (whether you/me/others liked the old site or not), Alex has moved on, and the new team has taken over, with Manowar, running the site/servers.

Now, it's down to a money and time issue for Manowar, if the site would be re-done be him, as this is just a side hobby, Manowar isn't getting anyhting out of maintaining (which takes money and time) this site, he's doing this because he loves text adventure games and wanted quest to continue.

so, are you willing to pay him enough money for the money and the time needed, and to over-ride however many like this current site design, in order to get the site to be changed, that is, assuming that Manowar would even change the site to your liking based upon whatever amount he'd need from you and not caring about all of the other users opinions (maybe you do have the majority, in people not liking the site).

So, no need for more complaints about the current site design/etc, as the new team is quite aware that you and others don't like its design.

(I too liked the old site, and miss the PMs and other features, btw, but this site design isn't that bad, though I do still miss the pms and the other features of the old site. I'm not complaining, as I'm just relieved we had a new team step in... quest could have died... so, I can't complain. having quest continue with an arguably bad site is better than not having quest continue)

just creating a website from the design aspect, is a lot of work and takes a ton of time (unless maybe you're really experienced and good at it, then maybe you can churn out good websites quickly).

have you ever created a website? (I'm just now learning the basics of creating a website from the school class I'm taking right now, for my first time)

if you haven't, here's a starting point:

create a new notepad, wordpad, Apple: text editor, etc document, save it as 'index.html', and then type in this (and save it again afterwards of course):

<!doctype html>

    <title>My Awesome Website</title>
    <p>This is my awesome website!</p>

which you can then double click on this 'index.html' file, and your browser (firefox, chrome, opera, safari, etc) will open up this 'index.html' index page of your to-be amazing website.

when your site is done, share it with us, so we can see how easy it is to not make a "shitty" website.

and there's so so so much more needed for making a website... being a web designer takes years of experience, coding skill, and networking (and security) knowledge... not easy to do... need to know how to setup and secure servers, getting them to work, and etc, good internet speed, money, time, etc.

Would I be willing to pay for the forum to be improved? Of course not. The forum was fine before Alex decided to up the blandness factor to the max and then bugger off into the sunset and leave other people to deal with the fallout. The solution to this mess? Simply reactivate the old forum and - hey presto! - you've got a good looking functional forum again.

Be quiet guys.

I completely agree that a phpBB forum is much better than the current forum or what the current forum may become but believe me if I say that maintaining a phpBB forum is a work by itself and requires a lot of maintenance time, That without counting what it would have to do that integrate that forum inside the web and that has coherence between the users of one and another site.

I remain firm in my idea that putting the phpBB forum again will be the last option. If the rest of things did not work then I would return to that forum but as I say, the last option.

There is currently a big problem with the forum added to the ones you indicate. Currently all the posts are saved in the azure cloud as separate files and not as entries in a database, this makes searching on them virtually impossible. That's why I think Alex in his day decided to put the forum as it is, with Google's external search that indexes all posts properly as html. This in the long run could be a problem but I will have to analyze it when I get to see if there is a feasible solution for the searches or not.

There are other aspects that also work in a similar way and little by little we will have to go analyzing.

I would like all of us to be aware that we do not gain anything by entering into discussions or disqualifications between users, this is what we have and with that we have to continue the road, which will certainly not be short but here we are, to travel as best we can.

I am currently working on a simple messaging system integrated in the web but again I encounter some problems because the web from the beginning was not thought with these functionalities in mind, so it is necessary to investigate and see the best way to add it.

So a return to the old forum is a possibility, albeit as a last resort? That's good to hear. At the very least it means that the old forum hasn't been deleted and one day might even be restored. That's the most positive news I've heard since the forum changes.

I can't help but feel, manowar, that you've been dumped with a really awful role. Alex did a first class job of ruining this forum before he left and you're being left to pick up the pieces. I also can't help but wonder why you're so determined to stick with the new forum when it would be so much less hassle, and time, and effort, to simply go back to the old one. For an analogy:

You've been driving around in a really good car for years. You love it, the family loves it, everyone loves it. Then one day you decide to trade it in for one that barely runs at all. No one understands why and the reasons you give are flimsy at best. It doesn't have power steering, no stereo, half the tyres are flat, the windscreen is cracked in a dozen places, the roof has a big hole in it, the engine makes a weird sound, etc. The kids start complaining about how much they dislike the new car and want the old one back, but instead you decide to spend ages fixing the things wrong with it. You also find new problems cropping up with the car all the time that you didn't realise at first because the guy who had the car before you really messed things up before he left it to you. Time goes by while you get replacement tyres, a stereo system, have the hole in the roof fixed, etc, all the time listening to the kids complain about how much worse it is than the old car and why do they have to drive around in this thing when there are so many better cars out there. Finally, you have everything fixed on your new car. Years have gone by. Your kids have grown bored of waiting for the car to be fixed and have left home. Your wife's seeing a guy with a better car.

You probably sit there and think "why didn't I just get the old car back when I had the chance?"

So a return to the old forum is a possibility, albeit as a last resort? That's good to hear. 

I did not find this possibility in his post. You wil get some new features within this forum, but not the old forum back. It would be hard to convert all the new posts back to the old forum.

Hmmm... maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part. Still, he mentioned the possibility of a phpBB forum and also admitted that a phpBB is much better than the current forum. Which kind of goes without saying, but it's reassuring to know that the guy who's capable of making changes at least realises that changes are necessary.

As for losing posts on the new forum - so what? Ten years of posts on the old forum were flushed down the toilet when the changes were made. Losing the new forum posts doesn't really strike me as any great loss compared to that.

Well no, the posts have been migrated. Just searching for them is problematic.

Hello. The message system its now available.

Thanks to all.

File Attachment (uploading/downloading of quest 'xxx.aslx' files) feature for posts:

if able to do so and/or if/when have time, implementing the ability to have/add attachment files with/in your posts would be greatly helpful/useful for us users (we can have game/code files for people to download when trying to help each other with game coding stuff). The old forum had this feature, and I think it is important to have again (if able to and/or if/when have the time), as we don't want to use the servers (publishing games) for this type of stuff: game/code files for helping people with the game coding of things. Or, maybe it would be a good idea to use the servers for this (have a new category for sample code/game files), not sure how much memory/space your servers have/use from all the games uploaded to it vs adding in an additional category of such help game/code files to the servers.

people can always link to other sites for uploading/downloading files, but it is a bit more of an inconvenience (as users get more and more lazy and spoiled, expecting all sites to have the same features, and not having to use another site for a feature). So, not doing so is fine, as too bad for us, we can just link to other sites, but if its not too much of a problem to implement this feature, many users would be greatful/happy, as most users are spoiled/lazy, and get more so, every year, unfortunately. I do fall into the lazy/spoiled category a bit myself admittedly, but I can certainly use another site for uploading downloading and link to it, if I have to, and otehrs can as well.

This would be nice!!!

if able and/or when able, another feature that I had forgotten about until just now (from reading someone else's post):

being able to delete our posts, as it's also a pain for the moderators to get pm'ed and then having to delete people's posts for them, because they can't do it themselves.

double posts happen, possible glitches in the network/server stuff and/or from your computer/internet-speed latency/lag compared to the servers speeds, and/or whatever human mistakes, such as posting in wrong place, or whatever else we can do and screw up, lol.

if able to do so and/or if/when have time, implementing the ability to have/add attachment files with/in your posts would be greatly helpful

Couldn't agree any more with this!! Please! =)

if able to do so and/or if/when have time, implementing the ability to have/add attachment files with/in your posts would be greatly helpful

Couldn't agree any more with this!! Please! =)

I also would love this.

The directory already exists, too.

Don't click that link, though. You'd need an attachment number, too.

Here's an active example (this one is an image):

Question. Who made this whole computer program in the first place, and who made the website?

here: (scroll down to the 'meet the new team' section, and then continue reading more entries further below until you get to the 'squiffy 5' section)

Alex (and probably some co/help from others, or least with developing it further after Alex made the very original skeleton quest)

I do think the site is very well designed, both the front page and the programs. This website needs more love and attention.

Interesting read at least.

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