Updating a game file makes the cover art vanish

Hello! I recently updated this game for the first time in over a year. It's a single-file HTML game, if that helps. Upon posting a new version (via Edit this listing -> Upload a new file), the game's cover art vanished, requiring me to upload it again. This happened twice in a row this morning, and luckily it's a minor annoyance because I still have the original image. But it still looks like a bug, and might trip some people.

For what it's worth, the new game file was picked up just fine both times.

You will have to start the file in both the game editor and the other thing.
(First screen/page, in the game section)

I had the same problem. I think....

Edit: Changed upload to start....

You mean under "Update Game Details"? But there's no file upload form on the first page, and I have no other changes to make. Oh well, thanks.

No, no, no...

Are you sure you have the image on your computer?

First, open the game for editing. Do not change anything. It should be beside cover art. If there is nothing there, click on it!

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I don't think the OP used Quest to create the game. It's an HTML game.

It also looks like the OP has solved the problem.

I've never submitted an HTML game with a cover image, but I'm sure you'd have to upload that image separately after submitting the game file the first time you set everything up.

It sounds like the site deletes/loses any existing cover art when we upload a revised HTML game, but I think this would be something manowar would have to investigate (unless it was just a temporary glitch in the system).

Yes, thank you, K.V. That's exactly the case, on all accounts. Thanks for looking into it. I solved the problem by re-uploading the cover art manually after updating the game, which is quick and painless, just one extra step to remember. I'll be sure to bump this if it turns out to have been temporary, but it might be a while until the next update. Cheers!

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