Submitting mobile app files to the site.

I have designed a CYOA mobile game, and it is currently available in formats .ipa and .apk (iOS and Android app files).

I would like to give it an entry on the site's main page, however the uploader doesn't support these file formats.

Is there a workaround I can employ, or any way the site admins could allow me a link page?
I notice that the successful game Creatures Such As We has a link to its PlayStore app when viewed on an Android device.
Is it possible to learn this power?*

Anyway, my app is called Victoriana and I have included links to both of its versions below.
I have already presented it on this forum, but I'd love to get it on the site's main page.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.




*Not from a jedi, I know...

I think you can create an thread in 'Game Announcements and Feedback'. Apps are not shown on the main page

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