[SUGGESTION] a your topics and posts page

On the my profile page, add these ideas for better usability:

  1. Add a my topics page with a list of all the topics you posted.
  2. Add a my posts page.
  3. Add a my games page with games you are editing.

Bonus ideas (optional):

  1. Add an option to favoute games and topics. Give them seperate pages under a favoutes page.
  2. An option to add users.
  3. An about me page for users.

Hello chattydash94!

We note suggestions for future improvements. Thank you!

@ chattydash:

the old site(s) was(were) switched over to this site somewhat recently for whatever the internal reasons: (site was using old code and there were multiple sites: one for forum one for the quest docs...etc, which Alex wanted to consolidate into a single site, and as Alex was moving on from quest work, for examples). The old site had a 'search your posts/threads' and 'pms' features, for examples, but since Alex was moving on, this new site doesn't have such features. There was a lot of complaining as at the time, as Alex hadn't made it known that he was moving on from quest work (from not that far back) during that time, which you can see here: http://textadventures.co.uk/forum/site/topic/6413/upcoming-changes-to-the-forums

We'll see what 'manowar' and the rest of the new team will implement or not with the site and etc quest stuff. We're lucky to get a new team to keep quest and the site and etc stuff alive. It's not cheap and it's a lot of work/investment to maintain, so we're just greatful to still have quest being continued to be maintained and possibly developed further.

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