Game Server Issue Ruining Experience

Hi All,

I recently entered the IFComp 2017, the number one piece of feedback that I keep getting are complaints about the game servers freezing during game play and ruining the experience. I having the same issue now with beta testers for my new game.

This seems to have been an on going issue, are there any plans to fix this?

I love the Quest interface and approach to writing and coding, but if this issue isn't resolved I'm going to be forced to move to a different platform.

Edit: Let me clear that I'm not having a go at anyone here! Just seems a real shame. I appreciate it's a free service - I'd be willing to donate if the problem could be solved with money.

...Is no one going to say good-bye, or at least say sorry?

...Or at least ask about the money?

By the way NecroDeath, there are not many options for making free games. I know at least some of your contributors are using programs other than Quest, but most that I saw used Quest. The only other options I can think of (and are simple) are RPG maker, Scratch (from Taylor University, it's free), or making their own games (and possibly their own game maker!). (I know there are programs like Inform, I'm just trying to come up with simpler and easier to use programs.)

I think NecroDeath raised a good point. If the game server does not run smoothly, people will stop using it and, Quest and Squiffy will slowly die.

I have no access to he servers and no expertise in that area, so I have no idea what the issue is or how difficult or expensive it would be to fix, but I do hope it can be resolved.

...So did anything new happen, NecroDeath?

Thanks both. I'm going to persevere with Quest for this short sequel to my Christmas Game, ( then see where things are. I want to enter Spring Thing again next year, but not if this issue is unresolved.

Manowar is in charge of the servers, can try to contact him directly, if he doesn't see it here.

Alex, the creator of quest, has moved on, and thankfully a new team has taken over, to continue quest. Unfortunately, Alex made quest with a lot of different languages and systems/softwares working together, which is likely making it a bit hard for Manowar (and Pixie in terms of developing quest software more) to get his servers to run quest smoothly, as Alex probably has more knowledge and/or familiarity with quest and thus with how to connect and get working with servers, so Manowar is doing his best, he does seem to quickly fix the server issues, but as your thread shows, issues do seem to keep popping up, at least thus far, anyways.

I don't know much about any of this networking stuff, so try getting in contact with manowar, and he can probably explain the reasons better with having so many issues with quest online / servers.

NecroDeath do you mean when the game stops / like if i click save and it doesn't do anything? like clicking save than the game kicking you out? like i tried playing a witch text adventure game and when it froze/stoped working / nothing showing up on the left side above the input bar?

Orochimaru, he's talking about when the entire server crashes. (Or potentially, the website/your computer runs out of memory and it can't load the webpage.)

@jmnevil54 I can't think of a single IF making tool that charges money, and Quest games have never been any kind of 'majority' in the IFComp, unless that whole scene has changed dramatically while I wasn't looking.

Also somewhat surprised people wouldn't just download Necrodeath's game. I never play online if I can help it. Especially here, the lag can be awful unless the author makes a point to clear the screen so you don't get the entire transcript piled up behind you.

Well NecroDeath said they were willing to donate money. But Quest doesn't take money.

Also NecroDeath said it was his comrades, the people he works with in the IfComp, that complained about the site's lag. NecroDeath didn't say anything about himself.

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