Deleting Games

It has come up a few times in the last couple weeks that there is no way to delete a previously published game. Unless I'm missing something, I do not think that there is. I've never quite understood this. I had some issues when publishing X1 I recall. I think I have 3 or 4 different updated/changed versions of it on my home PC. I actually suggested that someone republish their game as private, save their current .aslx file as something different using the save as..., and publish that new file to Quest after generating a new game ID.

Is there any way for a user to totally remove their own games from the site? I cannot think of a reason why they couldn't. I know Alex had deleted some games for some legit reasons (either by request from the author or due to unlawful/disgusting content).

I would suggest adding a way for authors to delete their own games. Or, if there is some reason not to give them that privilege, have some contact or request form for games to be removed by someone with the power to do so.

EDIT: Upon checking my "published to site" games, I have 3 online version games and 9 or 10 offline version games. I have one delete option under one of my online games but not the others and apparently no way of deleting my offline games. Weird.

If you no longer want the game listed you set it to private.
I imagine allowing people to simply delete games would cause an admin nightmare for the site owner.

I considered the admin nightmare, too. Makes sense, but...

In this thread I suggested making the game private and uploading a new game.

In this thread, it appears they are having trouble uploading new versions over the old ones. I know that I had that issue too. I published and uploaded but nothing changed.

I do recall having a mess of different files on my hands the first time I uploaded. Perhaps I didn't understand the file location/pulling stuff?

Just a thought.

can't imagine why it would be a nightmare. It's more likely that the code for deleting was never actually implemented on the site. And even if all the games were being stored in a database, there are tools to deal with that - but this site is probably using flat files and simple lists.

it's necessary to allow deletions, too, for lots of reasons. Maybe, now that there is a new site admin, this is something that could be addressed.

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