Slow and freezing servers

My game is going through beta testing at the moment, but the server keeping hanging and freezing, anyone else having problems? I would happily make a donation to improve server service


Nope, its making the games unplayable and untestable

It's the third evening in a row that by beta testers have had to give up due to freezing and hanging

I'm doing tests and everything seems to work fine. When you put the initial message certainly were slow but then seems to be solved and now continues to run fast.

Things are working at a normal, quick pace here, too. Would you be willing to link your testable game and let me look at it?

Thanks all, seems to be working fine now, was useless last night and early this evening. Is there somewhere I can donate to the running costs, doesn't seem right that I get it all for free.

I'm always willing to accept donations, but it wouldn't go toward the very little I do here. More likely it would be spent at the pub! 8-)

Have a little patience please. The server error is already detected and we will work on putting another server online in the next few weeks. This way both servers can share the burden and not happen what is happening now.


no worries

Sorry to moan again, but game servers still hanging and freezing so much that my beta testers are giving up

Share your game link with me and let me test it please. I am having no problems here.

I did play the game and it lagged to a near stand still at the room with the ruined hovel. Not sure what the problem is as I just played my game through for a considerably longer time than that with no lag. Hopefully someone can give you better advice than I soon!

EDIT: I take that back. Mine creeped to a crawl about the same length of time as playing yours... =(

For now, you may want to resort to downloading the game and playing on the desktop if possible. Shouldn't have a problem there.

Many thanks, appreciate it, glad it's not my code!

Adding my two cents...
It has been a couple of weeks (at least) that the servers are really slow for me. Right now, for instance, I could not load any quest game without an Error 524 from Cloudflare. When the game loads, it works for a few minutes only. So I wonder if it has something to do with the geographic location of the webclient (I live in Brazil), or if the problem is happening to everybody.

Currently there does not seem to be any problem on the web, it works fine. When the error happens it does not have to do with any particular region but it is a general fault that we hope to solve soon.

Thank you. It is sad, I hope you figure it out as soon as possible.

slowness now effecting the online editor as well as game play

And there are problems with uplaoded inklestudios games. I get errors like 'Not Found The requested URL /stories/mfnh was not found on this server.' when trying to start a game

A few days ago something similar happened to me, but it was from the cell phone. An inkle game did not open, I thought it would be some problem on the web, then when I get home probe and I opened it correctly. Can you tell me if it happened to you from cellphone or tablet?

I try to categorize games from my pc

I'd been looking in the now defunct Quest-JS project. It is surprisingly "almost-complete"! Mostly translates all aslx, including functions ( is it an amazing effort tossed away?). Why do we need a server ? :-) Only to host the js/html stuff would be sufficient. Perhaps to the quest editor.
I'm not sure how exactly Quest 6/kit will work, but I hope it is not client-server anymore. Node-JS smells like it continues to be client-server.

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