Save game function


Anyone got any ideas on how to create a Save game function for Squiffy?

The standard way, through browser local storage, is a bit risky since it will be deleted if you erase browser history, specially if you're running a large game - like mine wich is a life simulator of sorts.

I'm thinking about a Java Script function that doesn't require the game to be connected to a server. Or are there other ways to save/store all statements/values in a safe way?

I know Twine/sugarcube 2 has a pretty decent function for this, and it's html based as well.

I'm wondering if you could give some sort of save code for the places you've reached. That way, the player could enter the code to return to a certain spot (inventory might be a problem). The more I type this, the less I like it, but I'm posting it in case it helps...

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