Background color in the web editor

I am currently using a shared computer and the settings on it prevent me from downloading squiffy. I have no clue how to link my HTML in the online version to a database or style sheet. This is really frustrating me. Is there anyone that can help?

I clarify, I need ONLY someone who knows how to edit the background color of the web editor for Squiffy.

It's been a while, but thought I would add something... geometry dash

I've heard that theory too, but I haven't heard whether that's been firmly established or if it's just the best hypothesis we have for now. I'm hoping we get someone to chime in on this thread who has more info on this. :)


Thanks to the article you shared that my problem has been solved, the way you share it is great, thank you for sharing this meaningful article.

The background color in the web editor you share is quite attractive. Very informative information.
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