Can you download the game file you posted?

First, sorry for my bad english.

I used Squiffy a few years ago (like, 4 years?) and uploaded the games but in 'unlisted' form.
Then I had to reset my computer and lost all the files.
Can I download the file I uploaded somehow? Can't search the download button :(

I don't think the site has an option to download games directly. But you might want to try this: (I'm using Windows 10, & Firefox).

  1. Go to your page of games (click on your name in this thread).

  2. Start your game.

  3. When the game is loaded, at the opening page:

    • right-click and "Save Page as . . ." to whichever directory you want.
    • Be sure to save as type -- 'Web Page, complete'.
  4. Go to the directory where you saved it. There will be an 'index' page - "Gintama . . . .HTML", and also a folder "Gintama . . . .game_files."

  5. In the game files folder is all the content of your game. The "story.js" file seems to be where all your squiffy code is: Load it into a text editor -- Scroll down to / find -- "squiffy.story.sections".

  6. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking you can just open up the Squiffy editor, then copy / paste from the "squiffy.story.sections" text to a new game in Squiffy -- that is . . . (a) Create a section / passage and (b) copy paste the code from the original "story.js" file. Any other content / code (changes to CSS, etc.) should be in one of the original files as well.

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