Adding image from my own computer

I'm looking for a way to apply images to my squiffy game without them being first uploaded to an online source. Is there any way to put pictures direct from my own computer? Quest allows me to upload, this is handy. Am I out of luck with squiffy?

Hello Piddles.

Squiffy don't allow to upload a picture, but you can upload the image to any repository and link then using img html tag for link the file in your game.

If I download your game to play, it will crash because I don't have your pictures on my PC...
But (I think) you could zip up every thing in a zip file and upload that.

Try this, It work in Quest, Gamebook mode, and it may work for you...
{img:images (3).jpg}
images (3).jpg is a local picture in the same folder as the game script.

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