Limits on image sizing?

Hey, I've just updated my game (StoreyMinus) and noticed that my new game walkthru does not show images correctly. The smallest of these (screen captures) are 713X495, and it is 92k.

It dosn't show up - what's the maximum size for images in Squiffy?

Now I'm totally baffled. I loaded a "test" game in my testing platform on the site, used the same call and it worked. The only thing it did not have was the continue to the text explanation. I'm really baffled. The same code works differently in the two programs.

Think I solved it. On this last batch of images (the instruction screens) I referenced "jpg" but the actual files were "JPG". On the offline editor, that's fine. Playing online, it makes the image file unfindable.

This was hampered with my test file, which apparently wasn't getting updated. I don't know. I'm pretty sure the upper/lowercase made the difference. Works now. Whew.

Go play.

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