Squiffy In Phonegap (Help! Please!)

Hey, having some trouble here, I'm trying to port my Squiffy Game to mobile, (IDK if I've done this right)
So I put the Story.js, in the Js Folder, replaced the Index File that Phonegap gave me with the one from my Squiffy Project, put the jquery.min file in the js folder, and finally put the CSS style file in the CSS folder and deleted the index files in JS and CSS folders, but...... the app doesn't want to run....
Anyone know how exactly to fix that?

Why are you moving things about? Using the desktop version of Squiffy, the program will produce all the required files in the folder of your .squiffy file. Simply point Phonegap at this folder (index.html) and you shouldn't have to do anything else. I've played around with PhoneGap with Squiffy and I can assure you it does work.

I can't get the Squiffy Desktop, I just download the Squiffy files from the site.

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