LGC: gamebook and Squiffy Editor

Hi everyone,
I've never posted anything in this forum so this is kind of a presentation for me. I'm an italian developer and gamebook fan. From 2007 I'm developing LibroGameCreator (LGC). It's a Java software aimed to help gamebooks writers, especially for who likes to share PDFs or print them in good old paper books.

LGC let you focus on the single chapter of the story. Links between chapters are added with shortcuts so you could keep writing without distraction.
LGC has many features like

  • the book graph generation, to check every chapter and every link between them

  • a game map, where you could load a graphical map of your game and add the chapters to it to navigate your story

  • tags like "todo", to keep trace of work ahead and "rem" to add comments to text (both removed when exporting to final format)

  • various export and import format

I'm writing here because in the last year I've added features to import from and export to more digital-oriented format, like ChoiceScript and Squiffy.

Import/export features, at the moment, are:

  • @start is imported (in the squiffy_start attribute of the game entity) and exported

  • comments (#) are imported in LGC tag {rem comment} and exported

  • master section [[]] is imported in an LGC entity in the setup group. Entity text is then exported to Squiffy file master section

  • both section links format, [[section text]] and [[section name]] (text) , are managed using the LGC chapters title to memorize the section text

  • if Squiffy is installed, after exporting the file this is opened in Squiffy.

If someone find that LGC could be useful to Squiffy writers, I could keep adding features, like highlight Squiffy code and so on.

LGC has an english interface and an english manual, you could download it from this site.

LGC is a Java software and need an installaed Java to work.

Couple things:

Installed (first) Java. You should mention that requirement.

Installed LGC via run.cmd

Cannot use LGC because it doesn't recognize the hi-res display needs, resulting in microscopic interface fonts. I'm using Surface Pro 4 w/ 2736x1824 resolution.

Uninstalled LGC and Java.

Since the app is in Java, it is independent of Win10 prefs and efforts to help w/ the display of your app fonts.

I found myself wishing you took the time to post a visual demo (YouTube video, for example) of what LGC is. After the half hour of futzing with it, I still don't know.

Sorry for the resolution issue, I'll fix it in a next release.
I've added Java requirement to the post.

Thanks, would love to take a look at what you're doing w/ LGC. Will keep eye open for update.

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