Character limit on online editor?

Hi, part of my code in the online editor disappeared and after some testing, I noticed that there seems to be a limit in the number of characters I can save there.

Is that true? And what can I do to get around it? Can I upload a list somewhere else and call it?

P.S.: I downloaded the squiffy script and it's only 67 kB.

Yes, I've found the exact same thing. You gotta download the offline version.

Out of curiosity, how many lines of code was the limit?

That happens sometimes so just don't randomly reload the page and every so often CtrlA , CtrlC, just in case.

One of my games started refusing to save more than 807 lines of code. I think it had more to do with character count, because it would cut off mid-sentence or mid-word.

Well, that's not cool.

...especially if there is no warning to online authors.

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