Bug with "continue"-style links and regular passage links?

I have several +++Continue-style links, these work fine, but I also want to allow user to digress a bit. It looks like this:

Some bla-bla.

+++Read on

More bla-bla, also take a look at this [additional info].

+++Read on further
Even more bla-bla.

[additional info]:
Some nice, but completely optional flavor text.

see in action

But upon clicking additional info, Squiffy renders empty passage.

Am I doing something wrong or is it bug? In both cases, how I can workaround this?
Thanks in advance!

The +++ actually starts a new section. So move your [additional info] passage above your +++Read on further section and it works.

Huh, indeed it says "following section" in documentation. Sorry for stupid question then, and thanks for great tool!

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