How could I create a procedurally generated labyrinth in Squiffy?

I'm not sure if this is possible in Squiffy, but if it is I'd love some help bringing it to life. My idea is a large procedurally generated labyrinth that could generate descriptions of each room as well as the exits and entrances to and from those rooms. I've done some experimenting with the random variables in JavaScript but I can't get it to work. Even if I could, I'm not sure it would be good enough for my intentions. An example of moving from room to room might be:

"You are in a brightly lit circular room. The ceiling is a dome made of glass, and it towers above you. In the center of the room is a fountain that bubbles eerily. Around the edges of the room are statues that look vaguely human. You can go left, or back the way you came."

Using the same formula, you might also get:

"You are in a dim rectangular room. The ceiling is very low, so you must stoop over uncomfortably. In the corner of your eye, you can see something darting back and forth, but you can't make it out. On the moss-covered walls are small hieroglyphics of some ancient language. You can go right, straight ahead, or turn around and go back."

I realize that creating enough scenarios to get a unique experience every time would be a difficult task, but if anyone could give me a tip as to the functions I should use to achieve this, I'm sure everything else would fall into place.

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