Whole work gone?

I was working on my game a few hours ago before I saved and went to do something else, now when I came back to continue the first time only half of the text loaded, when I tried a second time it just opens a blank page. Any ideas how to recover from that?

I feel for you. I found out the tiny data limit of the online version the hard way, too. Download the offline version. But yeah, it's agonizing to have to retype and remember everything.

Aw damns, it seems that the servers or whatever aren't working properly. I was able to load my game again but only like 1/4 was showing up lol

Squiffy saves your file to the server, and your browser might automatically save a copy as part of its automatic form-filling feature. Sometimes, when you only see part of the file, it's because there is a conflict between these two versions (for example, if your browser tries filling in the form while Squiffy is in the middle of getting its version from the server).

If you haven't changed/saved since the file got mangled it can be worth copying and pasting the whole thing into Notepad or similar, logging out of the site, clearing your browser's data for this site, then logging in again. In the past I've seen that bring back a file that had suddenly become empty.

It's probably worth comparing the two versions you have then, to see which is best.

I hate to close the barn door after the horse has run off, but I always save my game as GameName1, GameName2, and so on, then save ALL version off in a folder before returning the final draft to GameName. In other words, I keep my own versions.

I once had a massive game suddenly start working weird. The editor was funky and I coudln't see parts of it. While it sucked to lose 4 hours of work, it was better than losing it all.

Sorry for your loss.

In the end, most of my work was showing up again, except like 2000-3000 missing words at the end of the game, which is weird because I finished the ending a long time ago and was making changes in the middle of the story so idk how that part got deleted, it almost feels like it doesn't want to load fully. I've tried different browsers and it shows the same everywhere. but at least not everything is gone

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