Is it possible to customize backgrounds and make buttons in squiffy?

I'm a new creator and excited to make games. But I also want my games to look exciting too? Writing and playing on a plain white background gets boring for both myself as a player and a creator.
I have tried to change the game's design but it didn't work? Is there any other way to do this.

It's actually easy. You can take any picture and make it into a clickable event. You can see how I did it in my own game StoreyMinus. But here's how...

[[<img src="button.jpg" alt=">Sorry, image not found<" height=200 width=200>]](section to go to)

So, if your button is "button.jpg", you use it as the image as teh "custom link text" and the address for the click in the "section name". Hope this helps!

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