Testing my game

Hi all. Is there a way to test/run through my game by starting at a specific section rather than having to start at the beginning each time?



I am not a Squiffy expert at all; so, someone probably has a better solution, but you could use @start to target whichever section you please, if that helps.


Perfect Thank you!

Yes. Also, if you can trust yourself and your not full of incendiary loser sauce (like me) you can just copy and delete all of the code you don't want to look at.

Actually, for some of my games, I set a variable debug to true or false to start. Then, wherever I have a fork in the path (if it's random), I put in a bit where if debug, you can chose which path you'll actually take.

Also, this same debug can be used to set specific variables (like giving you a full inventory) or letting you jump to the most recent section of your code. It can even display current game variables. Very, very useful.

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