Greetings Humans and Forum-Wanderers.

I have been working on squiffy games for a while, never published more than two (when I was a noob), and recently I posted on the announcments forum that I was producing a big game.

What I never mentioned was that I want to make a little money off it.

Is that possible/legal/plausible?


About all I could think to do is have a "public" game for the start, and after you've played for a bit, it refers to you a webpage where you could control access through donations/taxes. For those who pay, there would be a link to the "private" game, which continues the actions. That's all I've got.

Squiffiy is free and open source, just like Quest (althought Quest is more vocala bout this fact), therefore, you should be allowed to make money from it.

If it is plausible... that's another thing. Few people come here to play games, and even fewer are willing to pay for what they get. (Especially since quality standards here aren't as high elsewhere... the costs for being easily accessible.)

Those games that do make some profit are some of the games int he adult section, financiated through Patreon. What you think about this businessmodel is yours to decide...

Depending on how big your game truly is, and how much effort you put into it, i would suggest applying to something like Choice of Games LLC (, who would then publish your game professionally. Beware though, those folks are professionals, don't be to bold about yourself or you'll get rejected like nothing.

You could also try publishing yourself on something like Steam (they take really anyone nowadays), but i doubt you can make much money this way...

Sorry for the negativity towards your game, but better keep the expectations low, it's difficult to make money with such an outdated medium as IF.

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