Section Menu not updating

Was writing the great American story and suddenly it appears that the pull-down menu (for the list of sections) no longer updates. Any reason why that would be? I add something like [[Fred]]: and it doesn't show in the menu. Nothing new shows. It seemed to stop updating.

The code runs just fine.


Hello Robert, can you contact me from the bottom link of contact us?

I solved it - sorta. See, the long story is that I had a splint on my left hand that was causing all sorts of typing issues - my plastic palm was hitting the ctrl, the shift, and the microsoft button from time to time. I don't know what happened but the menu quit updating (I could see sections and play through them, but not in the menu view).

In the end, I went back to a version before I'd been splinted and reestablished that as my baseline. Then I dumped the newest version into word and cut and pasted each new section across.

It was a very methodical process that got squiffy running again. But yes, it was pretty weird. Couldn't solve it directly.

Thank goodness the splint is off.

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