Removing Horizontal rule

I'd like to prevent Squiffy from printing a horizontal rule after passages, under certain conditions. I can do this by editing the story file, but is it also possible to do this by editing one of the template files so that I don't need to modify the story file every time I generate a new one?


It looks like the file squiffy.template.js is what determines when horizontal rules are added. The relevant lines in the code seem to be 22 and 23, and 34 and 35. I haven't tried changing this myself, but that seems like a likely place to start. Here's a link to the file on github:

I don't think these are the relevant HR tags. I can remove both and it doesn't seem to influence whether or not the rules are printed. Is it possible something else is controlling this? Note that even when I remove them they appear in the compiled Squiffy story file anyway.


Hmm. I don't really know. When I search the Squiffy repository for "hr", the only two files that come up in the results are that one, and the template for style.css. Here's the search:

There seems to be something else going on here. I can delete squiffy.template.js, and the game file will still compile. It's as if it's using a template file anyway, even though there isn't one on my system. I noticed, too, that if I make changes to the index.template file, they only take effect if the template file is in the same directory as the game file (but this isn't true for squiffy.template).


You could try contacting Alex directly. I'm not sure who else would know the answer.

I'm guessing I need to use the mlink command so that I run Squiffy from my computer, as mentioned in the readme file. I'll give it a try.


So, if you want to make changes to your squiffy.template file you need to make a symbolic link with the mklink command, as detailed in the readme file. This will run Squiffy on your computer whereas, without it, Squiffy uses the template on GIT to generate the story file. If you already have Squiffy installed on your computer and you want to set up the symbolic link, you'll also need to install several modules in the node_modules folder wherever you've set up the link. You may also need to make a path like "\node_modules\jquery\dist" and put the jquery.min.js file in it to get everything to work right.


You could edit the style.css file and simply set the display property for the HR tag to none.

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