Making a point and click adventure with Squiffy

I have always been very impressed with Squiffy and its versatility. I recently started thinking about whether it would be possible to make a point-and-click adventure, using Squiffy as an engine. Now, of course, you can't do this "out the box", but with a little bit of Javascript and CSS I'm starting to think this could actually be quite easy.

Essentially I just need to create a basic animation system, and then overlay this over the main Squiffy engine. Graphical objects take the place of conventional links, and using HTML / CSS these can be accurately embedded into the world as interactive items. Equally, the way in which Squiffy works would allow me to use it for all the required scripting and graphical updates.

Very early days, but yesterday I threw together a basic system to handle player movement. It's very crude at present and not yet making use of Squiffy, but it will hopefully give you an idea of what I'm aiming for.

I'm doing this as more of a thought exercise rather than to create a specific game (as there are dedicated p&c engines), but thought I'd post for anyone interested in unique implementations of Squiffy.

I've noticed on the Quest forum there is a lot of custom development, so maybe we can push Squiffy a bit further here.

Outstanding idea, despite the fact that it appears to go against the grain of Squiffy (interactive fiction).

It doesn't go where I click, it just kinda goes by speed and momentum, or something. Nice anyway.
Good job.

The guy should move to where ever you click. Although he won't pass through walls - so if you click at the top of a wall, he'll go to the bottom of it.

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