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I apologize if this is a much repeated question. I did a search, but I am still not clear on this. Can I make my Squiffy choose your own adventure game a stand alone exe file? I am working on a large CYOA will a huge amount of choices and lots of different endings. Eventually I plan to have future stories (spinoffs) from the world I have created. I was hoping that one day I would be able to place it on Steam. Is this possible as things stand right now?

I downloaded Squiffy and don't see a way to publish or make an exe file. I seem to only have a build command which will not work out for me in the long run.

Thank you.

Hey, Aaron. Squiffy is a tool for making web-based games, pretty much by nature. Now, it's possible to wrap any web game in an executable app by using a framework such as Electron or NW.js; that's how Twine 2, for example, can run on the desktop. Note, this method adds an 80-megabyte overhead to your app, because it embeds an entire browser engine -- as stated before, a web app by definition needs one to run! But it's definitely an option.

Oooh, I'm intrigued. Can we have a taster of what you're working on?

@felixp - Thanks. I will have a look at those and see if I can work it out. I am teaching myself CSS and then plan to move on to Java. I have a long way to go before understanding most of the modern computery thing stuff :)

@thetruespin - Appreciate the interest. I will probably put up a demo once the story has reached about 50 complete and edited sections.

Hi all,

a question similar in tone to the above one. I'm an absolute noob, no coding knowledge whatsover. Prior to publishing my game anywhere, I would like to show it to some friends, get a second opionion. Any other way to do that, than just send them the complete set of the files?

@KamiHK It depends on the format. If it's a web-based game, or made with Inform, you can upload it to textadventures.co.uk; otherwise, you need a generic file hosting service such as Dropbox. Either way, you can have a private link so only the friends you send it to will be able to see the game.


Thanks. I tried sharing the index file from dropbox, but it didn't work on mobile... Oh, well, I guess I will need to experiment some more ;-)

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