Checking Two Attributes for Conditions

Okay. I've got the first part working fine. If there's at least one meal bar, I get the first link, otherwise I get the second link. So I know the construction within the if statement works.

What I'm trying to do with the second is to check if the player has not yet seen a section AND if an attribute is high enough for them to see it. I think it's possible using one of the constructions I tried but all I see is the code--with the "1 EP: Investigate Solo" linked in the middle.

With the third, it's the same; I see the code but the middle part is a link. I'm trying to check if they've seen a section, and show the link only if they haven't.

{if MealBar>0: [[Alula's stomach grumbles.]](part6-ration)}{else: [[Head back toward the ship.]](WrapItUp)}  

{if not seen Solo:{if EP>0: [[1 EP: Investigate solo]](Solo){else: }}

{if seen Eyes: }{else: [[Free Action: Tag along with Eyes]](Eyes)}  

I also tried the following for the second one, and it doesn't return correctly either:

{if seen Solo: }{else: if EP>0: [[1 EP: Investigate solo]](Solo){else: }}

I used the exact same construction for the third one elsewhere and it worked fine:

{if EP>2: [[3 EP: Catch up with the Captain]](Captain)}{else: [[Head back to the landing area...]](Solo4)}  
{if seen Eyes: }{else: [[Free Action: Tag along with Eyes]](Eyes)}

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?

I don't know Squiffy, but the second line there doesn't have the same number of { and } in it, which is usually a sign of a mistake. Judging by the layout of the first one, I'd guess it should be:

{if not seen Solo:{if EP>0: [[1 EP: Investigate solo]](Solo)}{else: }}

AHA thank you! :) I looked at that a dozen times and missed it every single time. Right as rain now. Thank you!

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