Reduce the white margin around the text?

Hallo. How can I recude the redundant white margin that appears around the text? Without that, and with just a bigger font, the normal online version of Squiffy could be read pretty well on smartphones without using Phonegap.
I know I would have to meddle with the Squiffy code, but it could be a very useful thing for everybody if our books could be read more easily on a phone.
Please don't tell me "you need to be a programmer to do that", I know that. If I were a programmer I would not even ask. If I were a programmer I would not even use Squiffy but create my own code. But with some clear instructions I think that even someone who is not a programmer could do just this single thing. I think that this is just the whole point about Squiffy, isn't it?

You don't need to be a programmer, but you do need to know a minimum of CSS. In the exported game (choose Download->Export HTML and CSS from the editor) there's a file called style.css; look for the section marked div#squiffy-container. You can set the value of the max-width property to whatever else you'd like, or else leave it out and set margin-left / margin-right instead. Hope this helps!

Ok, I will try it out.

Ok, it works! I modified the max width because I had no idea how to modify the margins.
So now, how do I extend this new setting to the published game?

Wait, I think I figured it out. I just published again.

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