The game keeps showing older version after reloading...

I upload a Squiffy game and find a few bugs when playing. So I upload a new version.

But the game still plays with old version. I can refresh browser. I can clear cache in the browser. Nothing helps.

Maybe the textadventure servers do not refresh themselves very often. I suspect this as I can load game on another computer or with an entirely different browser and the older version still loads.


Must have been some type of textadventrue server maintenance over the weekend to cause the no-refresh.

Almost instant updates today.


Today, the game is not refreshed after loading new version. Cleared browser cache, use a different computer that has never been to site, etc. The textadventure site serves up the old version.

It will eventually refresh and update but seems to be random when that happens.

Hmmmmmm.... Creates confusion.

I'm finding that after about 800 lines of code, Squiffy starts chopping off the bottom of the code. It's as if there was a data limit for each game or something.

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