How can I use Squiffy with Notepad++?

I've recently started using Squiffy and have become acquainted with the language fairly quickly. I started in the web editor, decided I enjoyed the program, and moved to the downloadable graphical editor. However, I have decided to use the command-line Node package instead to access more style features.
I've been trying to get the language to work in the program Notepad++, but am failing. Below is the code I entered into CMD (run as an administrator).

npm install squiffy -g

It downloaded onto my computer as a grouping of folders and JavaScript files, and now I'm not sure how to import the language into NP++. Help?

I don't think NotePad++ can run the Squiffy script.
Notepad is just the editor where you can type in the code.
I would think the Squiffy editor would work better here, but you can have notepad open to look at different parts of your code while you are programming in Squiffy...

I don't mean to run the language, but it should be able to use syntax highlighting as far as I know. Is there a way to do that?

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