Next minor version of Squiffy.

In a few weeks we will announce a new minor version of Squiffy that incorporates mainly two news features:

  • Support for music playback and sound effects.
  • Support to be able to place images in the bottom of the page as well as the bottom of the window of our stories.

All this can be done with Squiffy's own functions without having to resort to html or javascript. We sure include something else but we will not be able to confirm it for a few days.

Greetings and thanks to all!

Out of interest, how are you implementing the sound options? I have previously relied on html and Javascript, but mobile Op systems often have quite flaky support for sound, not allowing preloading and requiring a user event before playing anything.

The initial version will not have preload because to implement it would be necessary to look for some systems with more difficulty. On the other hand what is sought is that any user can put music or effects without having knowledge of html or javascript. The system will be something similar to:

@bgmusic name_file loop volume
@music name_file loop volume
@sfx channel name_file loop colume
@sfxstop channel

@bgimage name_file
@bgimage_wd name_file
@img name_file

Respectively for music, effects, background images, background images for the history window and images before or after the text.

As I say at the moment it is only that writers do not have to learn programming. With this, we would have background music, ambient music, effects, these last two will stop once changes of section and manipulation of images for the bottom of the page, the background of the text window and images between texts. For the sound system i'm using howler.js library.

So you can still load stuff from sites like usual?

How's this coming along?

Yess! Finally with music supports :D

The code is working now, but i found a big problem. Actually squify was thinked for dont use multimedia. Implement the solution for add multimedia files in editor is some problematically. I think that only will implements the instructions in code but dont will implement to add archives.

After add the messaging in the website i will take this version of squiffy.

The multimedia files can be read locally or in the internet.

Please incorporate the capability of changing the font size in the offline Windows application.

Also, can you (somehow) make the edit control in the online Squiffy editor, allow spell checking?

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