Successfully ported Squiffy created files to a Custom Wordpress Page

I found it hard waiting for TextAdventures servers to refresh so I could see effects of changes.
Folks were hesitant to link to TA site as the link is unsecure. (Chome browser "shouts" in red type Not Secure.
Broken graphics links from other sites was a problem.

I cant argue for or against security but the perception is there.

So, I figured out how to port the Squiffy generated files to my stand alone WordPress Website.
The technique is pretty straight forward. The results are excellent in terms of speed, responsiveness to all devices and the secure badge in the url bar.

If there is interest, please comment on my post and I will post the technique.


Super interested in this, been trying to figure it out myself but didn’t really have the know how. Would love a walk through

Me too. In fact, if you could post up a file somewhere where I could pull it down and print it (or simply provide instructions somewhere I could C&P), I'd love to have it for sometime if I decide I need to move off the adventure server.

Hi, any update on this?

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