How Delete a Game that has been uploaded

I wish to completely delete a game I have uploaded - not just reload an updated version.

Basically, I Can't seem to see the updated version when I update a game. I have tried clearing cache, etc. but I still see the old version when I run it.

I thought if I deleted and started with a fresh game title maybe the problem would go away.

Or..... Does it take a while for textadventures to refresh their server so the newer version is seen. I am sure that the file I am uploading is correct but I can't seem to be served the updated version.

Pulling out my hair with refresh, etc. so gotta be something else.

I'd sure like to know this - I have a test game out there that could stand deleting. I seem to recall that you need to ask the moderators to kill old programs off.

@Bluevoss I was told to go to the contact link and submit the form and specify what is to be deleted. I did that two days ago but the files are still there. I;m not sure how often the contact messages are checked. I'll wait and see.

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