All game script is gone

My game, GUNTER.EXE CHAPTER 1:EXE, was SO close to completion, but when I went to work on it, ALL THE SCRIPT IS GONE!

Have had the same problem TWICE now. One was VERY far along, and this one I started a few days ago. It's absolutely PATHETIC that such a simple concept has such a catastrophically huge problem. No joke, I clicked edit game, and everything was fine, then I hit back on my browser, and then hit edit game again, and all the script was gone. Absolutely ridiculous.

I know right?! Get this; My game was PUBLISHED when it disappeared!

Same here. It was published, but unlisted. It was super weird the first time too. It disappeared, then came back, and before I knew it, it was gone again. I'm pretty sure there are some demons f*cking with me here...

EDIT: Just checked my more recent game again, and ALL THE SCRIPT IS BACK. Like... what.. the.... FCK?? Is cursing allowed here? Or will I get banned? You know what? I don't care. The Admins have to be fcking with me anyway... go ahead and check if it's back. Meanwhile, I'm gonna go back this up on Google drive or something. BECAUSE AT LEAST GOOGLE KNOWS HOW TO KEEP MY DOCUMENTS SAFE!!

Hi. I'm a teacher and I have my students use text adventures. It happens often to my students. The problem has something to do with changing browsers. If you go to another browser, usually your code comes back. I also tell my students (and I do this myself) to copy all the code and put it into google drive or dropbox.

Don't get too mad at text adventures. I don't really think that they are trying to make so much money like google. It is open source.

I actually type mine in a google doc and then cut and paste into Squiffy to test. Makes it easy to edit or work on from various systems.

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