I found the Markdown info and followed the instructions to upload an image. It didn't work. I put my image in a private Facebook album. I really want images in my game. I figured out the rest, but this has me stumped!

<img src="" />





Clicking this [link] will display an image.

Text for the passage.

Clicking this link will display an image.

Text for the passage.

I'm getting there; now I can link to my photo on Facebook. But I really need to embed it, particularly as I intend to post my gamebook on Google Play Store. I'll keep trying with what you've given me. And thank you.

I think I get it now; Facebook is no good for this. I'll try Imgur.

OK; I got further. When I type in this: img, I get this. Do I have to make it public? I'll try that.

Doesn't work!

Copy that line of code and paste it on here, and I'll get you fixed up.

To sure to put the code between ticks

<image src="" />

Then it will show up as code:

<image src="" />

![img] (
I had to put a space between the ] and the ( so it couldn't display the image it gives me. It's private again; I deleted the others and started again. I really appreciate this! I promise, I'm not unintelligent; figuring out the text and links was easy. I guess I struggle because I'm not a coder: I had the same problem in a game I play.

You're no bother at all!

I think the problem is that the image is private, because I can't view it from that link either.

Try putting this, just to test it out:

It works in my browser, but when I try to embed it I get the same image I did before. Maybe I should send a message through the Facebook page.

I figured it out! The app is useless for this. I struggled to get anywhere with the website before, but I tried again. It worked, so I tried one of the codes you gave me. Thank you so much for your help and patience! If there's anything I can do for you in return, please let me know.

Turns out the app ISN'T useless! I can't believe how easy it turned out to be! Thank you again.

No problem!

Glad you got it working!

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