Change Restart Alert Dialogue

Exactly what the title says. I really just want to change the dialogue to fit my genre better and to warn players that their score will reset. Even better, does anyone have a way of removing the restart button COMPLETELY? I already have restarts that send the player back to the beginning as well as update their score. I don't want to confuse them. Thanks!

To change the alert text:

Press the build button.
In the folder of your squiffy file, look for story.js
Open story.js with a text editor
Click Edit and Find.
Search for "Are you sure." It will appear only once.
Change that text however you want.

To get rid of the Restart link:

Open index.html with a text editor
Look for <a class="squiffy-header-link" id="restart" tabindex="0">Restart</a>
Change >Restart</a> or simply remove it to make "></a>"

NOTE: Don't bother doing this until you are ready to publish. Each time you hit the Build button, all this gets reset. If you want to change Squiffy's default behavior you need open the templates and change them.


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