Pictures are in the wrong folder.

If you want to use image tags, like <img src="hello.jpg"> you need to put the picture into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Squiffy\resources\app"

It DOESN'T work to put the image into the same folder as the other game files (index.html, jquery.min.js, story.js, style.css). Is there a way to change that, so the picture can simply go into the same folder?


It's should work just fine to put it into your top level game folder - this should also be where you build your game and where you zip it up to load it to squiffy.

However, if you wish, you should be able to make a subfolder (such as "images") and then display it like this:

<img src="images/LongFellow-crash-explosion.jpg" alt=">Sorry, image not found<" height=300 width=547>

This is out of one of my games, which I've assembled images for (in a subdirectory) and zip it up from the top. Let me know if this still doesn't work for you.

Thanks, Bluevoss. Yeah, you have to have your squiffy file in the folder when you press build. Then you can move it out so it won't screw up your .css, etc.

I just make a copy of my .css file, called something like .cssX, It dosn't get overwritten and I can copy it back when I'm ready to test fully. Just keep the cssX open and "save as".

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