What happened to Squiffy?

Alright, so I've been working on a squiffy project for a while and just recently updated a small part of it, just in the editor I didn't update the actual game. The game is currently published, but unlisted.

Now, my Chrome browser stopped responding earlier last night, so I was forced to force quit it. I was pretty sure that Squiffy autosaves, because what DOESN'T autosave these days? I mean, I never had to press a save button any other time, so why would this be different? I'm assuming that I was wrong, and not saving was the cause of the problem. That part is my fault, but what is currently happening is... well, you tell me, because I'm stumped.

My game ruined right now. I have a backup of the new stuff that I wrote, so If that were all that was lost, I'd be fine, but nope. It's never that simple for me.

No, the whole game is BROKEN. When I'm looking in my games, it says the game is [Squiffy] Untitled, and even when I go update the title, it still stays like that. Now, I can go to the unlisted game, and play it, and it's okay, just missing the part I updated, but when I go to edit the game, there is no code. It's just blank. How can there be no code, but I can still play the game? I don't have any of that code saved, so I'm completely screwed if I can't get it back.

This is confusing and frustrating, so if anyone knows how to help it would be much appreciated. It took me a long time to find the motivation to write this, so losing it would be devastating.

Chrome has recently been updated (mine is currently Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit))and your browser settings may have changed regarding privacy and more. I am currently getting a prompt to review my privacy settings whenever I go to Google.com which so far I have ignored but will check out eventually.
Have you tried a different browser?

No, trying a new browser didn't do anything. It came back last night, and I was hoping everything would be back to normal, but now it's gone again. Like... I can't even begin to comprehend what could be causing this. I don't know how computers work, let alone how they malfunction, and it seems like I'm not alone because no human on earth can make a program function correctly these days.

**EDIT: Well, looks like it's game over. I just accidentally published the game when it was all blank and stupid, and it just said game updated. Now the text is gone when I click play online. About a full weeks worth of writing and effort, gone in an instant. A bit of this is my fault, but BRAVO to Textadventures for just being yet another website that not only can't make an effective product, but punishes you for using it. This never should have happened in the first place, and I regret every second I've spent on this website. G fucking G.

What is the name of your game?

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