TextAreas in Squiffy?

I'm trying to add text areas to my "game". I'd describe my game more as a character providing self care and to-do list advice to the user, so the user's ability to simply dump text at certain parts is important.

The problem is I'm not familiar with JavaScript and every thing I tried has caused the game to just not work. Does anyone know how to do this successfully?

Hello HopeandHandler.

For use textareas in squiffy you can put them in this way:

First section, then you go to the [[second]] section

Type your line here
<textarea id="text_first"></textarea>

        squiffy.set("textline", jQuery("#text_first").val());
You type {textline} in the textarea on the first section...

Then in other section only change de id="the_id" for other id and catch it en jQuery(#the_id").val()

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