Looking for complete command set of squiffy

Hi there!

Were can I get o complete overview from the complete command set of squiffy? Which functions are in there? How to use them?

for example such things like "squiffy.get....)



So http://docs.textadventures.co.uk/squiffy/ has almost all the Squiffy-specific options. "squiffy.get" is Javascript.

Ok. Maybe I made myself Not Clear enough. I like to know what's possible with squiffy. There are more than Javasript .get function working with squiffy. But which ones there are?
Maybe I ask such stupid questions, because I am Not able to Code in Javascript. I like to know what's possible with squiffy, to decide if it is worth learning JavaScript or only use Basics with squiffy. :-)

Just Looking around in compiler source code. There are examples and it helped a bit. But one has to Look around and find out alone. An overview would be nice

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