Squiffy keeps deleting my text

I've seen this topic come up once or twice, but none of the fixes were for Mac users. I'm working on a Squiffy game, and recently it started cutting me off at 831 lines—luckily I had my work saved offline, but even when I try to paste it back into the online editor it goes back to line 831 (which is always unfinished when I go back to it, by the way). Does anyone know why it does this or what I'd be able to do about it on a Mac rather than a PC?

Is this forum still active? I'd really like to keep working on the game I was making, but it seems kind of pointless if there's no help available for this problem.

Yeah, we're active. I haven't been on for a week.

Sorry, my only experience is with the offline editor - I stay off until I'm ready to post and then I just move the bundle up. Currently my game "StoreyMinus" is up to line 40818 and still growing.

But, in truth, I always save to a new version, StoreyMinus1, StoreyMinus2, and so on. Every so often something wonky shows up (it's happened twice) meaning I need to dump the version.

Sorry, but no experience with Macs.

OK thanks for the response. I tried moving it to the offline editor and that seems to have fixed everything up.

Although I should probably mention that I did try dumping the first version and putting everything into a new one (online), and it refused to save even more text. I'm not sure what's going on... glad the offline editor works though.

Glad it worked. And you should version-save your files. Twice I've had the offline editor corrupt my game and the only thing to do was to delete it and bring in an older version. Oh, my salty tears at the lost effort...

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