I seek assistance with installation of Squiffy Linux on Linux XFCE


Thanks for reading. I am a linux noob and I am trying to install Squiffy on xfce4 which I have crouted on my Chromebook.

I am way out of my depth. The files are located in my downloads folder and I just can't figure out what to put into the command line to turn them into a functioning application.

Thanks again.

For the GUI version of Squiffy, I just download the zip file, unzip it into a "squiffy-bin" directory in my Home directory (this is an unnecessary step), navigate to the appropriate directory, make the "Squiffy" file executable, then run Squiffy.

In fact, I just did all that (just to make sure I wasn't misleading you), and it worked perfectly.

Here are all the commands I entered in the terminal to do it:

cd ~/Downloads
wget https://github.com/textadventures/squiffy-editor/releases/download/5.1.3/Squiffy.5.1.3.Linux.zip
mkdir ~/squiffy-bin
cd ~/squiffy-bin
7za x ~/Downloads/Squiffy.5.1.3.Linux.zip
cd Squiffy-linux-x64/
chmod a+x Squiffy 


To add the ability to open Squiffy from any directory once you have completed the steps above, you can create a script in "/usr/local/bin/", like so:

cd /usr/local/bin
sudo su
echo -e '#!/bin/bash\n~/squiffy-bin/Squiffy-linux-x64/Squiffy' > SquiffyGUI
chmod a+x SquiffyGUI

Now you change back to the Home directory, then fire up SquiffyGUI any time:


Also, if you'd like to use the CLI version, install with npm.


...but, if you're new to Linux, you probably want to stick with the GUI version of Squiffy. Most of the extra features in the CLI version are things only experienced coders would use anyway.

Thanks so much for your help.

on entering the ./Squiffy command I get the following error message:

./Squiffy: error while loading shared libraries: libnss3.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I presume this means that there is a missing library that Squiffy needs.

After much googling I installed Seamonkey which provided my system with the missing library libnss3.so and I can now open Squiffy with the ./Squiffy command as you said.

You are a legend. I'm a tiny bit less of a noob. The dance of the cosmos continues.

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