How to create a hyperlink that goes OUTSIDE of Squiffy?

I have a game that I'm working on where I would like to allow the player to hit a hyperlink and get to a specific web page.
I've done a google search for this answer and just now checked the Squiffy forums, but have not found a way to implement this.

How can I link outside of squiffy( without showing the www url)?
For example, if Mars Rover was placed on a Squiffy page and made to take the player to the JPL website for the mars rover. The url to the JPL website would not show, just the underlined Mars Rover link.

Thank you for your time

Squiffy understands links in html and markdown. You can read more about it in the documentation.

Squiffy understands links in html and markdown. You can read more about it in the [documentation](

Thank you!
It worked!

Follow up question:
I made two links this way. One is to a pdf. The link out works fine, but when I click the backpage button to return to the game, it returns to the start page of the game.

Where in the documentation can I look to find the answer for this?
I'm new to coding, so I looked at this part, but it doesn't seem to be the right fit

Thanks again for helping this noob out

That will happen while you're still coding and using the editor. Once you've published to text, your Squiffy game/story progress should automatically be saved in your browser's cookies. Hopefully somebody like Manowar, who knows a lot more, can answer that question more definitely.

Not at all. This site is made for getting people excited about computers and interactive fiction. I hope you'll continue to find the people on this forum kind and helpful.

A friend of mine recommended that I look at " target="_blank" as an option for links in HTML.
I ran 3 different varieties that didn't work in squiffy, then I returned later to see your post.

I published the game and your advice was correct. I'll have my friend test the game link out on his computer also to double check.
Thanks for your help and also for your encouragement! I hope when I learn some skills, I will be able to help others too. :)

Is there a way to make the url link outside Squiffy open in a new window or tab?

Here's an answer, and a website for general html help as well.

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