Reveal map while playing and show playerposition

Hi there,

I like to show the player in my game where he is and how the map of all visited rooms looks like.

Idea is to track players movements. If he enters a new section than he can looks at a MAP and can see all visited sections as little rectangles or something.

The number of shown sections should not be more then 10-15 sections around the players current position, because there are about 160 sections in that game. Player should only get a little orientation where he is. Somewhat like all sections „as far as you can see“.

Anyone done that or something similar before?

I‘ve thought of an array that would be displayed as a map, depending on which arrayelement is set („seen by player“).

Thank you!

I'm working on a combat system that needs a map. The way I think I'll do it is by making "squares" out of jpgs and line them up to make a proper grid out of them. That way, you can get things to line up fairly easily.

Just a thought.

Map should be available from everywhere in the game.
Sorry for stupid question: how could I return to last section after jumping to „map section“?

plz let me know that too because whenever i multiplayer with my brother i lose

Okay, I'm putting a trick I tend to use. Here you go. Let me know it dosn't work (I playtested it one time).


I'm here.

@set retAddr=here
[[Look at map]](map)

[[keep going]](next area)

[[next area]]:

A nice new place

@set retAddr=next area
[[Look at map]](map)


Oh, look at this map

[[Return to my search]]({retAddr})

It works. For me I had to modify it because I am using embedded text for linking, but your solution gave me the kick in the right way.

Using various variables it would be working to unveil a complete map depending on players progress in the game.

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