How to prevent Squiffy adding an opening <p> and closing </p> to sections when compiling the story.js file?

I've noticed in the outputted story.js file that Squiffy adds an opening and closing p tag to each new section.

It's not a huge problem, but given I'm using my own HTML within sections, such as styled divs, they shouldn't really be contained within a p tag.

So, for example, the code for a section begins:

'mysection': {
	'text': "<p><div class=\"personadvice\">\n...

The div is mine, but the p tag has been added automatically. I'd like to get rid of it.

I'm using the desktop client.

Worst case scenario I can just remove the p tags via a quick find and replace, but would be easier if I could prevent them being added on the first place.

I guess Alex might be the only person that can answer this.

Having looked at all the template files, I suspect the inclusion of a p tag might be hard coded into the desktop client.

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