I’m looking for some testers who would like to test out some of the game mechanics of my game. As far as I know, it seems to play very well. Also note, those who test it will be mentioned in the credits.

Please comment if you are interested.

I'm interested.

@JakarottDBZ Thank you for your interest, before I give you the link to the game, would you like the option of when I add you to the Beta Testers List to have a comment of the game itself be accompanied?

I voulunteer too

Alright here is the link to the game ->

I'll give it a try

Couldn't get past the first code to start game so I guess I'm out. Can't see where to enter it.

Forgewright, it’s okay if you’re stuck, just add it to the reviews and I’ll make changes.

I would like to test it as well. Always interested in seeing new content.

I volunteer

I'll give this a shot.

The link is in this post so go ahead, but try not to use the shortcuts that are there. I use the shortcuts for quick access to specific parts in the game to test out if they work.

I can do it!

**I am trying! **

@epic-person, do you need a little help?

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