Is there a way to easily keep count of the total amount available for individual attributes?

So I'm making a game where the player will be able to determine their personality rather than me just write it in for them and I'm using attributes to do so. I haven't been keeping count of the current total number of the attributes I made to track the player's personality choices and it just occurred to me that this might be a problem in the future with my plans for the story. So is there a way I could keep track of the total amount of each attribute available in the story without having to add it all up myself? Or will I have to keep track of it?

Can you post an example of your atributes?

Of course! I'm using @inc and dec to change them

@set Jackson = 0
@set Alex = 0
@set Giles = 0

@set Good = 0
@set Bad = 0
@set Meh = 0

@Cunning = 0
@Honor = 0
@Solitary = 0

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