Adding spaces into output

I'd like to move some of my information over a bit, to essentially tab text to the right. Any way to do this?

Hey! In case you still want to do this, I've seen that adding   adds some space between text. Stacking it works, so you can continue for as wide as you'd like your indent to be.

I remembered seeing this post on the forum and... yeah, thought to comment on it. Hope it helps despite the lateness!

Thanks for the response - I'll have to go back and try it. Appreciate the info!

(as far as I understand it, Squiffy outputs HTML; correct me if I'm wrong)

So if you want to move text over, why not use something like:

<p style="margin-left: 4em;">Here's a piece of text with a big space to the left of it</p>


<p style="padding-left: 4em;">Here's a piece of text with a different kind of space</p>

Interesting. I'll have to give that a try.

That's a lot simpler for indenting :o

It also works nicely as a span style. Definitely a neater method.

Thank you for sharing, mrangel!

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