Solving a loading problem

As many of you might have seen, I had an issue getting Pathfinder to load - I was getting some sort of HTML error. Contacted The Pixie, who was helpful but had no direct experience with such errors. But he did offer some suggestions to get it to finally work.

What didn't work:
The first thing I tried was to see if there was something in the file, some hidden character or whatever, that was keeping it from loading. So I went through the game file (18,000 lines long) and started deleting JS functions, one at a time, so see if it made a difference. Note that I deleted the contents but not the calls - even though they were now empty shells, squiffy would still assemble. But no, not change.

Then I started tearing out squiffy code. Took it out a section at a time but realized I have over a hundred sections so I started taking out big gobs of code, 1000-2000 lines at a time. Still failed.

In the end, I had an empty file with a simple section that said "Hello world". Still wouldn't load. So now I knew it wasn't the contents of the file but the squiffy editor itself.

What worked:

I wish I tried these separately so I could tell what would make it load but with blood in the water, I combined the next two steps into one. I include them so if you have the same issue, you can try them without the draconian effort I made.

First off, I re-downloaded squiffy. With the new editor, I C&Ped all my code in.

Second, I deleted EVERYTHING except the squiffy file. All these files rebuild when you click the build button.

And suddenly, it worked!

So now I've solved my loading problem and can continue building my game for real. If you get the HTML problem I got, I suggest deleting all the build files (ccs, index.html, etc) and rebuild it. If that doesn't work, pull down a new editor.

Also, something that confused me - I forgot that squiffy can sometimes take a while to post your new version. Even through it loaded, I was still getting my original "Hello world". And that baffled me since I'd removed that when I dumped my code back in. You have to remember that even through Squiffy might load without an error, it can take time (an hour, a day?) to get you new version in.

But I'm pleased to say that I got my game to load.

Admission: I'm not going to suggest you actually play Pathfinder YET. While I was waiting for someone to give me a hand, I've been developing the game in a different directory. And in the last two weeks I've found a lot of bugs. Anyway, I hope to be posting a version release update in a week or so.

Thanks to the Pixie and all those who suggested things for me to try.

Glad you got the game uploaded. I'm confused. Shouldn't the Build button do the same thing as manually deleting the old game files?

I don't know. I'm not sure how that works. The dates on a squiffy editor version I just built show old dates. Then again, the style.css file should change each build (it's how I've changed background colors in the past) but it shows the old date. I wasn't sure but I didn't want to blow it because I wasn't recompiling files.

But if what you say is true and everything rebuilds then replacing the editor was the trick. I noticed that the version I'm using now is much more colorful for code types so I think I was using a pretty old version (I don't think I've downloaded since I started years ago). So maybe that's what burned me.

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